Friday, November 19, 2010

Awesome graphic

This info graphic displays the similarities and differences in religions. It's a clearer example of showing connections through hundreds lines. Like the example in the previous post, it still has a lot of lines that are difficult to follow. But in this information graphic, the words create a baseline and resting place for the eye. With the general understanding that all these things are connected, we can then begin looking into how. The initial image is striking to attract the viewer. Once they are attracted, the words and connections feed their growing curiosity with deeper information. (more about it)


Is this really supposed to be providing information? I like it as a form of art. But beyond that, I don't see it's purpose. Though if the intention is to show sheer complexity, it's a success.

Mass-produce your own 3D graphs!

Ever want a 3D graph with a pointless white translucent box? How about a 3D graph with columns that block other important information, and have the ability to confuse and shout at the viewer? Well for the low price of $39.95 you can create graphs that are as awkward as this one! This deal won't last--download today!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

package design 6 of 6

These lemons are actually bottles with lemon juice. I find the execution be be a sculptural approach. The designer applied the detailed texture of lemons to the container. No other colors were applied to the package in order to maintain the integrity of the lemony yellow bunch. Relief sculpture techniques were used to apply the name of the product to the container. These lemons tell a simple story: "I am as fresh as any other lemon. I carry more juice than your regular lemon. And, it's easier to squeeze juice out of me."
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package design 5 of 6

Sculpting this bottle into the detailed linen threads that it promises to wash linens safely attracts the viewer. When using Trompe L'oeil, a method of creativity I studied in the "Smile in the Mind" book, it is important to 'go all the way' to make the image look as close to the object referenced. In this case, real fabric, or at list a cloth-like fiber material for the surface of the bottles, would have made this concept complete.
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package design 4

These cans transcend the 2D label to give a visual of the tasty goods within. The execution and visual is strong, eye-catching, and successful.
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package design 3 of 6

This book was very beneficial for package design as well, but it developed my concept based thinking the most.
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package design 2 of 6

Here is a page for bread packaging. The design goes beyond the bread to remind shoppers what will go between the bread. The designers of these bread packages recognized that it is rarely about the bread and more about the sandwich.
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package design 1 of 6

This book helped tremendously with my understanding of package design.
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Thursday, November 4, 2010

UB Post comic strip

Comics and storyboards can be narratives too. Short three frame comics like this one found in the UB Post can narrates in short spans of time using action to action, or scene to scene to cover longer expanses of time in a short period.

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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Types of Transitions

Moment to Moment and Action to Action

Subject to Subject and Scene to scene

Aspect to Aspect and Non Secquitur

These are some transition types that are good to keep in mind when creating a narration.